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Why Can’t HE Leave the Good Ones?

December 3, 2009

I was reading the Washington Post a few days ago as some 1.5 million people do every day.  The paper is filled with the normal stuff that makes news…people killing each other, robbing, raping, graft and corruption in local governments, national governments, etc.  Nothing new there.  Been going on for centuries and perhaps it is part of the human condition.   What was news was a wonderful story about a good samaritan who has spent his life earning a financial fortune, only to give most of it away.

As I read this story, my mind started to wander back to another gig I had as a PR guy trying to promote some distressed real estate condo complex called Diamond Farms in Gaithersburg, MD.  Joe Roberts was called in because his firm specialized in marketing distressed properties, a specialty that should be very much in vogue today.  What I recall from that very brief meeting is that he rushed into the room, gave a very quick pitch regarding what he could do and then he left.  I don’t know that I ever felt the sense of electricity that he left behind…almost like an aura.  We who were left in the room felt like either this is the world’s greatest salesman, or he does not have the time to understand our “problems.”  I am sure he already knew our problems because he had encountered them in many other places,  so why should he spend much time going over plowed ground?

I do not recall anything else about Joe until this story in the Post reporting that he has a very rare form of brain cancer, the same type that killed Senator Edward Kennedy. 

The doctors and psychologists tell us that when people who are “terminal” receive an outpouring of love from their support groups, that can possibly turn things around.  The medical literature is full of these positive stories.

Here is a guy we need to try to save.  Through his middle-East connections, he generated the largest gift ever given to the Washington DC Children’s Hospital.  He holds charity boxing events in Washington attended by fat cats and gets them to loosen their purse strings for charity.  In college he once saved a dog from merciless beatings by another student…and the dog became his lifelong companion.  I mean we should be doing movies about guys like this.

If we had more people  like this 0ne, the world would definitely be a better place in which to live.  I do not have his email address or I would provide it, but if you can spend a few minutes to write him an encouraging letter as I just did, his address is:

Mr. Joseph E.  Robert, J.E. Robert Co., 1650 Tysons Boulevard, Suite 1600,  McLean, Va  22102

This is one of those times when I wished I could purchase a spot on one of the TV networks and encourage everyone to send Joe a ‘Get Well’ message.  Since I am not rich, I am doing the next best thing and reaching to my friends and associates in the hope that they will pass the word on to their own networks.  With all the bad guys in the world, I am hoping that a Higher Power saves Joe Roberts so he can continue to do what he was put here to do.

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