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Patriotism Does Not Take a Snow Day

February 19, 2010

In this post, I am going to try to do two things that appear to be disconnected, but in reality, they are not. The first part of it is to show that even in the worst weather, our patriotic young soldiers who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery don’t take  snow days.

They walk their silent vigil day in and day out, 24/7, 365, no matter what the weather is. And this is such an honor to them, these young soldiers stand in line to be considered for this duty. One assumes that given a huge storm such as the one Washington DC experienced recently, the Generals of Greatness would give them a day off. Not true…not even close. They march, day in and day out, no matter what, and it is an unbroken tradition that has been going on for over 73 years, or 26,645 days.

From 1948 to the present, members of the U.S. Army’s 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (“The Old Guard”) have walked their post, hearing very little else than the sound of their shoes as they pace across cold marble.

In some ways, perhaps this march to honor the fallen, strikes to the essence of what America is all about.   Some nations call us a Paper Tiger, but we are the first ones to come to the defense of freedom seeking people.

Some call us uninvolved and disinterested in the problems of the world. Maybe they did not read about the Marshall Plan and how we rebuilt Europe after WWII.

Maybe they do not know that General Douglas MacArthur and his staff helped a devastated Japan rebuild itself, institute a democratic government, and chart a course that made Japan one of the world’s leading industrial powers. As the interim leader of Japan from 1945 until 1948, MacArthur’s staff drafted a new constitution that renounced war and reduced the emperor to a figurehead. This constitution remains in use in Japan to this day.

Maybe these critics are not reading what is going on in Haiti, and how the U.S. government, dozens of non-profit organizations, and thousands of U.S. citizens are the driving force to help the suffering people there.

To end this post, I am going to provide a link to a video that is on You Tube and the spokesman is Newt Gingrich. I am not necessarily a Newt supporter, but when you hear his views, you may come to like what he says. What I do respect about Newt is that he is incredibly bright. A PhD in History from the University of Georgia; he is an ex-Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and he just makes sense. “Making sense” is a relative term, so watch Newt’s video and decide for yourself. If you do not like what he says at the front end of his presentation, please, please view the final part, which is why I titled this post, “Patriotism Does Not Take a Snow Day.”

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