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Extending Your Reach Via Fusion Marketing

June 15, 2011

It is very rare that a non-profit – whether it is a private sector organization or a government agency – is working on an issue with total exclusivity.  In other words, typically there will be several organizations working on any given issue, but perhaps approaching it from different angles.  Unfotunately too often there is duplication of effort which wastes both time and money.  Often by joining forces, organizations with a similar mission can cross-pollinate to create greater synergy.  

An example, is a collaborative effort between the American Savings Education Council, the Social Security Administration, and the U.S. Savings Bonds program.  Each of them contributed funds to distribute a PSA on the importance of saving for retirement, because that was a message that all three of them had been disseminating separately.  The TV PSA tags had the above logo on them with website addresses for each.  Evaluation reports showed what each got from the collaborative effort.

 In another example, when Hillary Clinton  was the First Lady, she was the spokesperson for a campaign on colo-rectcal cancer.  Twenty-three separate organizations formed a “roundtable” to disseminate information on the issue to the media and their respective stakeholders. Each of them was mentioned in PSA packaging materials and on a special website for the campaign.

 In still another example, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons collaborated with the Auto Alliance on a campaign to prevent distracted driving.

 You can take almost any issue – aging, veterans’ programs, breast cancer – and you will find several, if not a dozen organizations, working on the issue.  Often it makes sense to pool human, financial and marketing resources to generate a bigger impact than working alone, and each organization brings different skill sets or stakeholders to the table.

It doesn’t cost a lot but you get a lot out of the strategic alliance – otherwise known as fusion marketing.

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