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A PSA Audit: Validating Your Success

August 29, 2016


Goodwill Communications has been distributing national PSA campaigns for over three decades, and during that time we have seen PSAs that were not well conceived; we have seen some that should not have been produced in the first place; and we have seen many that overlook some of the basic rules governing PSA attainment in all media.

These campaigns are expensive; many can cost a non-profit hundreds of thousands of your donor dollars, so the central question is: Does your PSA program meet your organizational objectives, and how do you know?

 In the latest series of articles to inform and educate our associates in the field of public service advertising, in this piece we are going to address:

  • What is a PSA Audit?
  • Why does it matter?
  • What are the mechanics?
  • The PSA AuditMost of us get so wrapped up in our daily jobs that we are on auto pilot – management wants some stats for the board to prove the PSA program they approved is working, and as long as you feed them some data, they are happy.
  • We want to take this to another level, which is why we conceived the concept of a PSA Audit,™ which poses four underlying questions:


  1. How well is your PSA program performing?
  2. How does your campaign compare to a standard?
  3. Does your PSA program support your critical mission?
  4. What is your PSA ROI?
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